About David


I am a husband, a daddy, and an artist who mostly creates illustrations in watercolor, but I also have a love for gorgeous photography. Recently, my own photography has consisted more and more of photo-experiments that seek to pull back the veil on a surprising and profound reality. Although I point my camera at the "mundane" details and "meaningless" twitches of life, the photos reveal just the opposite. This occurs through a creative mode of total experimentation. The acronym, P.E.P.P.E.R., stands for " stands for "purely experimental photography produces exciting results." I combine seemingly random photo techniques with exposure to obscure or mundane subject matters. But when all is finished, a surprise emerges. The mundane, micro, and meaningless are revealed to be beautiful, grand, and purposeful. Nothing is meaningless. And the veil has been removed.

You can see some of my other artwork at http://dcondry.com

Photography Equipment

All photos taken with a beat up old Sony Cybershot from 2005. It has some rather funky settings whereby I'm able to take fun long exposures and mess with the color of my photos before shooting them. No editing was done on any of these photos, besides the simple process of color-inversion plus occasional light edits such as cropping and adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation. But all of the heavy editing, that is, the overlays, multiple exposures, and other fun effects were achieved 100% by in-the-camera technique.